Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Drawing the line

So with this whole ear doctor situation, I don't really know how to write about it. I want BADLY to get the details all put down somewhere, but I don't know if the internet is really somewhere to do that...

I mean, if I found out that he had a blog and he told the whole world what was going on in our relationship I might be a little taken aback.

Actually, I'd be really interested to hear what his honest first impression of me was.

Last night he came over and we watched the election for a while. I really have no idea what his political views are. I asked him who he voted for and he wouldn't tell me.

I was kind of surprised.

He said it was because he didn't really support either candidate and was kind of mad that he had to vote for either of them.

My take on the election is this:

I don't feel like I can fully sustain any of the candidates that were running. The way I see it, voting for someone is saying, "yes, that is a person who I can follow and support his choices." I just couldn't bring myself to choose the lesser of two evils. Yell at me if you want. Get mad and tell me that I wasted my chance to voice my opinion. It doesn't matter to me. What matters is that I feel like I seriously weighed the issues and acted accordingly.

After watching Peter Jennings hit on one of the newscasters, make fun of an intern who forgot his notes at his desk and pretend that George Wills didn't have the worst toupee in the history of time, we decided to turn the TV off and just talk....Until 1 am.

My favorite thing about him so far is how comfortable I feel around him. Last night I fell asleep in his arms and it felt so safe. (I can't believe I just typed that sentence because it is SOOOO girly). He is big and cuddly and it reminds me of every Sunday when I would fall asleep laying on my dad with his arm around me at church.

Last night when he got home he emailed me and told me how much he likes spending time with me and wants to get to know me better and just a ton of really nice stuff. Plus, he said I was hot, which is always nice to hear. Especially as I sit here simultaneously thinking of that and realizing that the waistband of my pants is cruelly shrinking because it is jealous of all the attention I've been paying to the leftover Halloween candy. (shout out Girl from Florida)


girl from florida said...


I wanted to tell you, one of the best things I did when I met my hubby was write in my journal about everything that happened between us (silly stuff, like he likes lasagna or he kissed my forehead during the movie, stuff that just made me happy). I re-read it all yesterday, and it brought back all these happy memories. Even if you don't put it all on the internet (maybe not a good idea, you're right!), keep it somewhere, for yourself (or your future daughter). You'll be so happy you did.

Sarah Marinara said...

Girl from Florida, I totally agree with you. I have kept a paper journal since I was 13 (and if you think I write on line a lot... you should see the VOLUMES of paper journals I've filled LOL). Writing about my relationships in a lot more detail than I put on the internet has been a great thing for me. I can look back on those experiances and see what I need to avoid in the future (like, avoid LOSERS for example) but also remember those really great moments that made my heart melt and my knees shake. Good luck with the ear doctor. Feel free to email me details :D