Monday, November 15, 2004

In Explanation

I've been sick for the past couple of days and haven't had a chance to post. Sorry.

My office is on the fifth floor and I have a huge window that looks out onto the beautiful Coloradoan mountains. Every day I find myself lost for a little bit just looking out and being riveted by the sight that meets my eyes. Although I find the strength and majesty of the mountains inspiring, it is often the people passing down below that capture my attention.

From the warmth and comfort of my little office chair I can silently pass judgment on the people that innocently walk across the campus below me.

The most interesting thing I saw today was the back of one of my fellow employees. Cascading down his back was a full and luxurious coif of wavy brown hair. He had the most impressive pony tail I've seen in a long time. Juxtaposed against the worn, black, decade old leather jacket, the radiance of his hair was overwhelming. Honestly, I wonder how he got it so shiny. I wanted to throw open my window, call down to him, and say, "yo, buddy, what kind of conditioner do you use?"

Instead I sit here engrossed and captivated by the beautiful refracted beams of light that, after leaving the sun and bouncing off his fascinating follicles, is appreciatively received by my retnas.


Kaycee said...

"Juxtaposed" is a great word... you are sportin' some mighty fine vocabularly in this here post...

girl from florida said...

Yes, v. well spoken sweetheart! I hope you are feeling better. I'm sick too... it seems like everyone is. Yuck!

Sarah Marinara said...

i hate it when guys have nicer hair than me... i find it ever so annoying.

I'm not sick, but I did just have surgery. Can I be part of the club still? :)