Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Thanksgiving Update

The road was covered with snow and ice as I drove back from the Denver airport last night. The traffic was murder so I had plenty of time to take in the bright lights and offensive pungent aroma of Commerce City. As I sat there next to the ear doctor in my leather seat with electrical butt heaters, I reflected about all the similar drives I had taken back from the airport.

Every other drive back to Boulder has left me in tears. I'd always been sad to leave my vacation and return to Colorado where all that awaited me was my job, my problems, my real life.

This time there were no tears. I was happy to be coming back to my little townhouse in good ole Boulder.

Probably because my vacation was so dramatic and draining.

My little sister got engaged on Tuesday night. It was really cute and so fun to see just how happy this guy makes her. I'm really happy for her and I know that everything will work out just right. Wednesday she picked out her dress and my mom bought it for her. She is going to look like a princess. They decided to get married July 2 and I'll be the maid of honor. I'm SO excited.

Thursday my mom and I cooked dinner for 25 people. It was grueling. No one offered to help us, which just SHOCKED me. Honestly, who just sits around waiting for their feast to be prepared for them and does nothing. After dinner my legs were throbbing with fatigue and I didn't even pretend to help do the dishes.

I got third place in my family's annual Spoons tournament. I was pissed because the top two get their name on the plaque and I missed that this year. Next year vengeance will be mine.

Friday we put up all the Christmas decorations. I did the tree with the assistance of 5 little girls all under the age of 5. Talk about draining. Have you ever tried to keep track of that many little girls in combination with your mother's prized glass Christmas ornaments? At one point my little niece broke one of my mom's angles and together we went to go admit it and say we were sorry. In my small way I was trying to show her that you need to be accountable if you break someone else's stuff. I've had some roommates who never really understood this lesson as my mangled measuring spoons, missing kitchenaid collar and broken flower vase can attest.

Saturday I went to a baby shower and a wedding reception. As I sat around and looked at all the people at the wedding that I've known from high school I just laughed at myself. I wondered why these people ever intimidated me in high school. Its funny how time and a lot more self confidence give you a clearer image of reality.

Sunday I went to church with the congregation that I grew up in. It was scary to see all the kids I babysitted being juniors and seniors in high school. Made me feel old, but accomplished.

Monday my best friend in the whole world gave me a hair cut. I love seeing her because she reminds me of how much I am loved.

Last night I flew back and the ear doctor picked me up at the airport. The moment I saw him waiting for me at the airport my heart leap. He has the ability to make me smile no matter what. When we got to his car he had a little poinsettia and 4 burned CDs of Christmas music sitting for me on the front seat. He took me to PF Changs for dinner, I got a Christmas tree scented candle from white barn candle co (GET ONE, IT SMELLS JUST LIKE A TREE) and tried on beanies and BC surf. After dinner we came home and he helped me decorate my house for Christmas. It looks so good and I am now totally in the swing of Christmas. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!


girl from florida said...

Hey pal! I'm so happy you're back & everything is going OK... I've really missed reading your blog! Congrats on being maid of honor, that will be a really significant day in both your sister's & your life. And your new boyfriend sounds like a total sweetheart! I have a feeling this will be a wonderful first Christmas for the two of you... Happy Holidays!! :)

Maggie said...

I'm so glad you like Dan, you don't know how much that means to me. I think you will always be such an influence on my perception of what is cool. From you I get my fashion sense and my attitude about being smart and nerdy. I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out very much this break. I hope that is changed during Christmas. Where's the ear doctor from? I love you!

katezmom said...

what a great blog! We did have a wild working holiday didn't we. In all reality I didn't leave the house til noon today #1 reason was the snow and #2 reason is I was still just tired. even when I left at noon the roads were so icy that I did the highway ballet doing a lovely 360 rotation on the back roads of Spookaloo. Of course they had not been cleared and I was going a whopping 15 mph. Anyway I'm in Richland eating popcorn and snickers for dinner. Even with all of the work I had so much fun with the family last weekend. Can't wait to wee you (or see you) LOVE ya scooter