Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Calling for all genius ideas

Alright, internet, I need your help.

I'm in charge of organizing weekly activities for all the college aged kids at my church. Every Monday we get together for FHE (family home evening) and I have to come up with things to do. I was just asked for a three month schedule of things to do and I am totally out of ideas. Do any of you have good ideas for a group of 20-30 college aged kids to do? Stuff that doesn't cost much? Service activities? Anything?


girl from florida said...

OK, remember I'm a total dork but here's some stuff my friends & I do:
-craft night (we've had Ornament-making night, picture frame making, scrapbooking)
-pumpkin carving
-cookie baking & decorating
-game night (cranium, scrabble, poker- with candy as chips :), clue)
-fondue night

You could have a finger painting party! That would be soooo much fun. or go ice skating, bingo at a nursing home, make cookies & bring them to your local homeless shelter/women's shelter, read to kids, hmmm... why don't you tell me what you HAVE done & I'll try to think of some more. :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you could all go to the nusing home where you play bingo. if it's not too overwhelming for the elderly folks. or play that game where you put flour inside of nylons and pelt each other with them. or have a waterfight with alka seltzer tablet tied around your necks, and when your tablet dissolves, you're dead. or ultimate frisbee, soccer, any sports really. make gingerbread houses for christmas, or get together and decorate someone's christmas tree together. go caroling. hold family council and ask them for ideas of what they want to do. find a family that doesn't have a lot of money to be santa for. invite any widows or elderly in your area and make them dinner and get to know them. have an iron chef baking contest. i don't know. fhe's are hard. there's not a whole lot you can do with 20-30 people that doesn't cost a lot and that people will really like. good luck.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i know!! you can have a polar bear contest. see who's tough enough to swim a lap or two in freezing cold weather. and whoever doesn't want to participate can cheer from the sidelines bundled up in their warm coats and sipping hot chocolate and hot cider. fun, but maybe kind of risky. you could have a talent show, although those are sometimes boring and not really worth the effort. maybe it's mean of me to say that, but i'm sorry, it's true. they can be real duds sometimes.

Anonymous said...

dance lessons, maybe? get someone who knows how to tango, salsa, two step, whatever, and teach everyone, and then dance.

Maggie said...

Our ward did a dessert contest with the winner getting a cash prize. It was great and all night we had delicious desserts to chose from.