Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bad News

I just got back from the bathroom.

As I was washing my hands (for about the millionth time today) I noticed something odd about my appearance. Innocently I glanced up at my reflection, and there it was.

Glistening on the top of my head just to the left of my part a little, innoculous "blonde" hair decided to manifest itself.

In disbelief, I did a melodramatically inspired, over emphasized double take. "Can this be true?" Using both hands, I plastered my hair to the top of my head with the idea that maybe it was just the way the fluorescent lighting was glinting off my otherwise brilliant red locks.

Much to my chagrin, the truth was self-evident.

I've begun to go gray at 23. What a terrifying thought.


katezmom said...

Scooter, you have white hair on your head since you were one. You just noticed it?! It is pure white, not the lovely grey color that your father is developing and deciding to call "blonde"...I have not a one because L'Oreal and I are such great pals.

katezmom said...
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Maggie said...

Katie, I have white hairs too. The other day I actually pulled out a white hair. Apon inspection I found that it was white at the root but red at the end. I think it's cool that we have white hairs.

girl from florida said...

White hair = good luck and prosperity, according to an old Chinese proverb.

OK, totally made that up. :) But I've had a white hair or two since I was 16. Hopefully it'll just stay 1 or 2 for many years to come...

Can I rename you White Haired Goddess, pretty please? :)

JL said...

I started getting random weird gray hairs in high school. Don't sweat it. They amount of random gray hairs has only increased very very slowly in the past 12 years. Hey! That's as long as I've been dating. It's all the boys' faults.

Kaycee said...

I was at lunch a few weeks ago and one of my coworkers located a gray hair. But, there wasn't just one... there were many.

And, I started to cry.

There's just nothing worse than finding out for the first time that you're going gray on your 25 minute-long sanity break.