Thursday, July 21, 2005

All Hail Panera

I'm trying to be more frugal. Trying my hardest not to satisfy every whim I have. I'm trying to re-learn self control because in a month I will be going from cool, working professional woman, back to poor, starving student girl and I don't want it to be too much of a shock.

I'm starting out with the little things. Every morning I wake up and CRAVE a jamba juice before I head into work. The store is on my way so it doesn't require any extra time to get there. But, I realize that this is a silly little indulgence to the tune of $4/day. That is $4 a day that I could be saving so that I can go to the movies once in a while as a break from studying.

This morning I succumbed to the enticing lure of the jamba juice tornado and drove up to the store.

While I was ordering my cranberry breeze, a man walked up to me and told me to come over to the new Panera Bread after I got my juice.

I tilted my head slightly to the right, furrowed my brow and said, "I didn't think it was open until Saturday"

With a grin spreading across his face he said, "Yes, that is true, but today we are doing a test run for the bakery and all the new employees. Come on over and have a free bagel!"

Oh joy of joys! Oh wonder of wonders!

After procuring my juice I sauntered next door.

As I pushed the squeaky clean glass door open the warm smell of fresh baked bread washed over me. The lady standing next to the door handed me two green bills that each said $5 on them and suggested that I bring in a dozen bagels to work.

For a moment I was overwhelmed. I'd just been given $10 for walking into a brand new store of one of my favorite establishments!

In a dazed stupor I stepped up to the counter and ordered. Sure, they took FOREVER to get my order together, but I was just so happy to be receiving free food it really didn't matter.

After collecting my free goods I turned and walked out of the store.

I called everyone I knew who lived in the area to tell them about my good fortune.

It is only just now that I realized that I spent $4 to get $10 in return. What a good karma day!


katie said...

I LOVE Panera. I'm so jealous that you got free bagels! French toast bagel with plain cream cheese. Holy goodness.

Edge said...

They have good internet access there.


k said...

There is a book, "Smart Women Finish Rich" that discusses the "latte factor," although in your case it would be the "Jamba Juice factor." A lot of my friends who are addicted to Starbucks but trying to save money have started going only on Friday morning. This way they get to treat themselves and still save a good deal of money. It's hard though!

Nice score on the bagels! I've never been to Panera, I don't think they are out here. That is one thing I don't really like about Seattle, the lack of bagel places!

Moni said...

I calculated how much money I spend in just one week...Starbucks, eating out for lunch came to almost $100. Ouch!
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, hope you visit again. :)

Nemesis said...

Mmm . . . Panera. Their portobello panini is just heaven. It's good that they don't have a store near me.

And I hear you on the whole backtracking-to-student-land thing. I'm working out a budget for when I go back to school in the fall and it's just crazy to think of living on so little!

girl from florida said...

ooooh I LOVE Panera! I spend A LOT of time studying there. Hence, spending a lot of my MONEY there. But, whatever, I'm happy, enriching my brain AND my stomach, so no worries!!!

Good luck with your lifestyle abrupt changes :) You'll be SO BUSY studying you won't even notice.

Elle said...

I just love Panera! What an AWESOME way to start the day!