Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A little question

Why is it that even though I love my job, have tons of really interesting work to do, I still want to take off early when my boss decides to take the afternoon off? Human nature? Or is it they way we're brought up in the US?

You know how in elementary school whenever the teacher called in sick and you had a substitute you just ran WILD?

Or in high school when your parents are out of town you throw a party and have friends over?

And now when my boss isn't here I find myself yearning to ditch work, go home and finish up Harry Potter.


Anonymous said...

Your boss told me to watch what you do while he goes home to finish Harry Potter.


wendy said...

um, you don't know me, but go for it. isn't it killing you to know how it ends?

yup. i thought so.

Maggie said...

You never threw parties when mom and dad were away. I bet you stayed the WHOLE work day!

girl from florida said...

so... was maggie right? Did you stay at work the whole day? :)

I think it's human nature. I'm the SAME way. I figure, hey, you only have one life here. Have a little fun.

Katie said...

I left at 3:30...take that Mags!

Elle said...

I am the SAME way! hehe And now that I have the new Harry Potter, I am itching to get home and break it open again!