Wednesday, July 27, 2005

D*** you JK Rowling!

Last night I was determined to finish the new Harry Potter book.

Exhaustion had other plans.

I passed out with only about 15 pages of the book left.

This morning after my shower I climbed back into bed and finished it up.

Now I'm melancholy and sad. It's ruined my whole day. The sky, even though it is is a brilliant clear blue, seems flat and dull. The fluorescent lights of my office beat down mercilessly on the tops of my keyboard caressing hands. The usually reassuring hum of my computer now mocks the emptiness of my chest cavity, the former repository of my heart.

JK Rowling is the DEVIL and has ensnared me with her poetic gift or story telling.

What the heck am I supposed to do with myself now!?!?!?


Edge said...

I have it in my house waiting to be read when the kids get back from their dad's house. Remember, there is one more book left. and sometimes tragedy is art. Not everything has a happy ending.


Katie said...

I didn't say that I didn't love it. I did. I think it is the best of her work so far!

Edge said...

I'm glad. I'm looking forward to reading it myself. I don't like sad things in Harry's life either.


Becky said...

I have to agree with you Katie. But my roommate and I guessed how it would end..and we were right... sadly...we were right.. :(

Good book though..just heart wrenching.

My mother actually had to remind me that its "just a book".

Well, it doesn't just feel like "just a book"!

steve said...

It is very good but i feel your pain also...

jill said...

I don't know what I think about the end. It's hard for me to believe what happened really happened. It's so straightforward. . . there should be a twist in the final book. Anyway, I'm not sure that the one who did it is really bad. Waiting. Sucks.

Mike said...

I for some reason was much more saddened by the previous book's ending. There are a number of things that I'm not real happy about, but it was a good read.

The political commentary was so blatant that it made me wonder if the book will be dated years from now.
I don't think it will, largely because the criticism is of things that seem to keep happening.

Anonymous said...

Fun speculative theory on the book's ending at that matched my own views about the Half-Blood Prince but added some excellent reasoning and justification for them.