Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supporting the Retail Industry

When I was younger I lacked tact.

Not that I posses it in abundance now, but I have significantly improved.

Once my mom spent a lot of time making me a navy blue shirt covered in bright yellow stars and suns (I was very into this kind of thing at the time). It even had buttons in the shape of suns. I'm sure she spent the whole time making this shirt for me thinking of how much I would like it and see that every stitch was a physical manifestation of her care for me.

When she gave me the shirt I took one look at it, turned up my heartless little nose and refused to even try it on. I think I said, "thanks mom, but I will NEVER wear this thing"

Rude, huh.

She never got me another article of clothing again without first running it by me.

To this day she thinks I am fickle and high maintenance about my clothes (which, admittedly, I am a bit).

Anyway, this has experience has left me with the impression that everyone is picky about their clothes and has scared me from buying them as a gift for anyone except my little sister (I've pretty much got a lock on her style).

Well, last night I went out on a limb and did something I've never done before.

I got a shirt for the ear doctor as a congratulations present for finishing his first day of preliminary exams for his PhD.

It was really cool and on sale at Nordstrom, so I got it.

And, he loved it.

I've never bought clothes for a boyfriend before and I think that is a definite indication that this relationship is moved to the next level. The retail level. Pretty big deal, huh. (wink)


Anth said...

It's definitely a big deal. My husband is so picky I didn't buy him any clothes until we'd been married over a year. Now, of course, I am an expert, but only because of constant astute observation. And I am still groaning about your retail joke.

Katie said...

I love me a corny joke!

sarah said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad that he liked the shirt, I almost called you last night to see what he said.

girl from florida said...

heehee I love your corny joke :)

Your poor mom... you should make her a similar shirt one year for mothers day. You know, as a joke :)

I'm sure you have great taste & style.

ASheilainChewelah said...

Well it's good to see that you and the ear doctor's relationship is progressing to new levels. Of course the next level after clothing is jewelry, but he's the one who has to make the first purchase there. ;-)
By the way, unfortunately I don't actually live in Chewelah. I just heard a commercial for the casino there once when I was visiting Spokane and since I'm an Aussie and it rhymes with "sheila" I thought it'd be a funny name.

Elle said...

I don't buy clothes too often as gifts. I don't have much luck with sizes on anyone and I still can't figure out Marc's style. I'm super excited you had so much luck with it! That IS a new level reached! :-)