Thursday, July 14, 2005

Random thoughts for today

1. I saw a guy wearing a cast at work this morning. And guess signatures on it. What a waste. If you have to wear a cast you might as well use it to show everyone around you how popular you are. I think even when I'm 65 if I have to wear a cast for some reason I'll have people sign it.

2. The drive into work this morning was particularly enjoyable. I drove, with my sunroof open, down a twisty county backroad. Sure, it takes longer, but there aren't any other cars going that way. The green leafy trees stretched out on either side of the road making a breezy beautiful canopy for me to drive on into my wonderful job. Add to that wonderful ambiance that Salt 'n Peppa's Shoop came on the radio and I could belt out "if looks could kill you would be an oozie, or a shotgun, bang, what's up with that thang?"

3. This evening we have a kickball against a team with a psycho lady as coach. She is a really hard core old woman (and I mean old here) who was yelling at her team when we last saw them. The ear doctor's goal is to pummel her team into the ground. He'll probably do it to if he isn't distracted by the throngs of groupies that follow us around everywhere because he is so famous.

4. Today I'm wearing a new t-shirt. It is kind of a blue green color with an abstract picture of a girl with long curly hair. The girl's picture is brown/red. I thought it was totally cute. Last night when I showed the ear doctor he said, "what, is that supposed to by you on your shirt?" Now I'm slightly paranoid that people are going to think that I'm promoting myself on my own shirt. Tacky.

5. The new Harry Potter book comes out this weekend. I'm so excited that the only way to describe it is giddy. I've had a copy on advance reserve since April. I'm a nerd.


Anonymous said...

#2 makes me think of that Rush song "Red Barchetta"

ASheilainChewelah said...

As I wasted away the morning I stumbled onto your blog for the first time. "Witty and insightful"
That could be my caption if you ever wanted to advertise your blog. Winding country roads are always more fun to drive than highways stuck behind some idiot with their blinker on. Anyways, since I had nothing to do I read some of your old posts and soon realized why this ear doctor has received such fame of late. Besides his Bruce Lee t-shirt and headband, he seems to be quite funny and nice. People like that don't always get the fame they deserve, so it's nice to see. Sounds like you'd better snatch that one up for good, even if it means a lifetime of flashbulbs and autographs.

Elle said...

Your shirt sounds super cute! And I am totally psyched about the new harry potter book too!! 2 days left!!

Katie said...

Gee, thanks Sheila! Are you really in Chewela? I grew up in Spokane, WA so I know your hood.

Susannah said...

Hey, Katie--

I need your advice on something but I don't know your email addy...

Could you email me? iWantBradPitt [at] Hotmail


Cory P said...

Curse you! I now have Shoop stuck in my head!

k said...

Just came across your blog and I am enjoying it. I'm a female engineer too (civil) and considering grad school at CU Denver.

Some random comments on your random thoughts...

#1 maybe the man with the cast had just moved and had yet to make any friends in Boulder... therefore had no one to sign his cast :( (I am just speaking from experience as I once had an empty cast).

#2 Shoop is quite possibly one of my most favorite sing along songs! Always a karaoke staple. It reminds me of jr. high.

girl from florida said...

1. I still have a tiny piece of a soccer ball my best friend drew on my cast when I broke my leg at soccer camp in 9th grade.
2. Awesome! I love those moments. And I love Shoop.
3. Kick butt! and you TOTALLY know the groupies are there for you.
4. Whatever... love yourself! Anyway, your hair is short now. Is it curly?
5. I ordered my copy from Amazon months ago. I am so excited too! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the yellow!


sarah said...

Katie, our email server is down at work and I am dying here, so I am hoping that you will see that I posted and we can communicate through blog posts.


Stephen said...

ASheilainChewelah -- neat, my mother-in-law (and my father-in-law) live in Chewelah too -- we visit.

Just finished The Half Blood Prince.

Arghhhhhh, a cliff-hanger (of sorts).