Wednesday, July 20, 2005

No more office

I found out yesterday that when I start school in a month I'll be losing my office. I'll be doing the walk of shame back to a little hovel of a working space. Cube-land here I come.

I know I've only been working for 2 years and there are some people around here that have been working for 10 years and are still in cubes, but it's just hard to take that hit.

I'll miss my door.

I'll miss my walls that go all the way up to the ceiling, thereby preventing some annoying boss from casually sticking his head over and talking to me.

I'll miss my whiteboard hung at a height convenient to write on while standing.

But, I guess I'll struggle through.

It's just hard to take a step back like that on the corporate ladder.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to prairie dog town. The sharp pains of paranoia will now creep across you as co-workers walk by.


k said...

How were you so lucky to get an office so fast?? I expect to be stuck in my cubicle for quite some time. At least when I turn around I can see out the window in the office across the hall. It is the little things...

Nemesis said...

Ouch. Moving from an office to a cubicle would be so demoralizing. What's scary is they can make you go even lower than that. They took my cubicle walls away and told me that I couldn't have any personal items (or work-related items like staplers) on my desk. But this isn't about me. It's about you, and I'm sorry for your loss.

Elle said...

I have a comfy little cube. Well, actually it isn't that little, but it is comfy. I imagine an actual office would be nice...maybe one day...

Sorry about the stepping down. When it is time to step back up though, maybe your office will be penthouse with 3 walls of windows!