Thursday, May 08, 2008

How I lost 12 pounds in one month

So I totally unintentionally lost 12 pounds in a month. When I stepped on the scale I was BLOWN away by these results for a few reasons. First, I hardly ever weigh myself...I just don't ever think to do it. Second, I didn't think that I'd actually done anything different. And third, I was wearing my ultra heavy dansko clogs at the time.

After reviewing the past month I think I've figured out how I did it and I'm here, spilling all of my dieting secrets. Please don't write them into a book and make millions without at least dedicating the book to me, m'kay?

  1. Get really sick. I had a bad case of stomach flu/food poisoning that really helped.
  2. Stop drinking diet coke like it is the essence of life.
  3. Switch from drinking 1% milk to skim. With the volume of milk I drink on a daily basis this cut a lot of fat out of my diet.
  4. Eat breakfast. I'm no nutritionist, but I think this has sped my metabolism back up because I get way hungrier all the time now.
  5. Eat slower at meals. The ear doctor and I have started putting our forks down between each bite and talking more at dinner. I end up eating WAY less.
  6. Walk with your sweetheart for 20 minutes in the morning at least twice a week. Since the weather got better we've been hitting the pavement. Such a great way to start the day with some quiet one on one time.

That's it. I think I've been on the elliptical machine twice in the past 4 weeks, so no real exercise has even gone into making this change happen. Score, huh!


k said...

isn't the diet coke thing amazing!?!?! i had my one in months a couple of weeks back and it gave me the worst headache, so none since then. the thing that really got to me was that i still drink a lot of tea and have had regular coke occassionally so i feel like it was the other random stuff in it, not the caffiene that messed me up.

Chas said...

If you were wanting to lose weight, then I guess this is a very welcome surprise!

TRS said...

Holy crap!

I'm thinking like chas -- if the loss is welcome then good for you. But getting sick can be scary when it comes to that much weight loss.

I have a very tiny frame and two years ago I packed on 10 extra pounds that were not at all flattering. Then I started getting sick on every work trip. The pounds fell off and somehow I managed to maintain my regular weight.
Of course -being unemployed and poor reduces food consumption too!

MissEm said...

The breakfast thing is totally true. When they want sumo wrestlers to bulk up, their trainers make them skip breakfast.

Anne said...

That is awesome, congrats! I'm a big believer that cutting out soda can make a huge difference. A few years back I gave up all drinks except water and milk (with the rare exception, such as strawberry limeades from Sonic, which are no where near where I live) and that change alone made me drop at least 10 pounds.

Far From Perfect said...

no soda/pop in this house. Back in the day I use to drink maybe a 6 pack a day.
I do love your goofy face pic's.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I am so. jealous.