Monday, May 05, 2008

Interesting Observation courtesy of a 11 year old

Saturday morning I had 10 little girls, ages 8-11 over to watch a movie. The clubhouse of my apartment complex has a special movie theater with surround sound and big soft chairs with cup holders, so I thought a private showing of Enchanted was in order.

I got us pizza and REALLY sweet soda and popped some popcorn and hit the lights. We watched the movie and were on cloud 9.

At the end of the movie we all sat around outside dipping our legs in the water of the pool and talked about the movie. Which is when I participated in this conversation:

Girl #1:"That is the greatest movie, I love it when they sing in the park:

Girl #2:"Me too. (pause) Do you think that Giselle and Robert got married in the end?"

Girl #1:"I don't know....I hope so."

Girl #2:"Katie, did they get married in the end like the cartoon prince and that brown haired girl did?"

Me:"Hmmmm, I don't really know."

Girl #2:"I really hope they did."

I've been thinking about this non-stop since then. I didn't even notice that the cartoon "fantasy" couple got married and the other "real" one didn't. Is there some kind of mild messaging in this movie saying that getting married is more of a fantasy than long-term dating? Thoughts?


chloe elizabeth said...

I was seriously gagging. Literally. And I used to pop zits for a living. I almost threw up, and I am not a lightweight at all.

I'm so glad someone else saw this and understands my pain.

k said...

maybe the message is that you don't neccessarily need marriage to be happy...

TRS said...

I agree with K.

I haven't seen the movie yet - but my personal reality also tells me that marriage and the 'happily ever after' ideal is a fantasy.

By that I mean that 'happily ever after' is unrealistic. Marriage takes work. A wedding is not a magic ceremony that makes your life happy and perfect. Finding a cute guy doesn't mean life is going to be wonderful.

I think you have a great opportunity to teach those girls that marriage isn't magic.

I would talk about it some more - from the point of view - maybe - that the cartoon/ fantasy couple got married because it's a fantasy. The real-life couple doesn't get married, because there is more to it than that. Like I said - I haven't seen the movie - but how long was the couple together? Maybe a month or two tops... probably a week or so if it's like most movies!

I mean... you and ED have a great relationship - and from where I stand it appears to be all fairytale-ish but you dated for what... three years before he proposed.
That's reality. You have to learn about your intended before you commit your life to them.

Sounds like this is one fairy tale with it's head on straight!
Funny. The girls really want them to end up married. Why? Is that healthy?
Most fairy tales end with the wedding - like that was the goal. Honey... that's when things start!
The trials and the joys.