Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stats of our party

Last night was our awesome Cinqo de Mayo/graduation party for the ear doctor. Here is a rundown of the party stats:

Pounds of carnitas consumed: 12
Gallons of lemonade drank: 2
Costco-sized bags of chips eaten: 4
Hours of Mexican music listened to: 3
Number of people it took to break the pinata: 5
Number of couples containing an engineer from my work: 3
Number of audiologists not including ear doctor: 2
Amount of cupcakes gobbled up: 35
Quantity of avocados mashed into guacamole: 15
Total trips up and down from our third floor apartment to load up supplies: 10
Number of people from our old church: 6
Number of adults from our new church: 6
Total tortillas consumed: 60
Thoughtful gifts received: 7
Sum of friends we've had forever: 5
Total number of this-year grads in attendance: 5
Number of fetuses attending that I knew about before: 1
Number of fetuses attending that I now know about: 4
Quantity of cute little kids running around: 6
Number of people we missed terribly becuase they couldn't make it: 3

I wish SO much that I would have taken some pictures of the details of our party, because I'm pretty sure I would have made Jordan proud!


Olivia said...

why wasn't i invited? this sounds like the greatest cinco de mayo/grad party of ALL TIME! pinatas, guac AND cupcakes??? unbelievable.

Sarah G said...

sound like fun! Congrats to Garrett!

Tanya said...

Sounds like a great party. I dont eat meat very often, but I love carnitas!! And guacamole is my favorite...and I love homemade lemonade...

Congratulations to your husband!