Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's your address?

While at disneyworld we stayed "on property."

This means that we stayed at one of the umpteen million hotels owned and operated by Disney. Each of these hotels is laced together by an ever flowing bus system that moves a staggering amount of people from park to park every day.

It's pretty fabulous to hop on a cool, air conditioned bus after a long day of excitement and be at the pool in under 10 minutes.

One night as we were standing around waiting for the arrival of our sub-arctic chariot I noticed a little girl. She was about 10 years old, British (cutest little accent), red haired and a little round. Reminded me of someone else at that age....ahem.

Anyway, this little girl was GOING TO TOWN on a bag of Nacho cheese Dorit0s.

As I watched this little girl fully engrossed by one of my very favorite addictions I wondered to myself, I'll bet this is her first encounter with the goodness of Doritos. This is the first time she'll experience that euphoric smell wafting out of that red wrapper. Her small pudgy fingers are, for the first time, coated in that delicious orange "cheese" powder. For the rest of her life she'll look back and remember how great those "crisps" were at Disneyworld and try to find them every time she goes into an American themed store. Just like me and Munchies and any British-type place.

Then I thought: poor girl...she's hooked! There's no going back now.

Then I thought: Maybe I can exchange information with her. We'll become international pen pals. I'll send her some Nacho cheese Doritos and she can send me back my precious Munchies.

Then I thought: Probably I shouldn't encourage a young girls addiction just to satisfy my own dark desires.

Then I thought: Eh, It's ok. Because I really WANT SOME MUNCHIES!!!


girl from florida said...

mmmmmmm food! I have a soft spot for any little round kid happily munching away, because that was totally me when I was younger. And I still love my food! I watched this kid (when we were in Orlando) just going to town on this ice cream cone, dripping down his round belly, and he was soooo happy. It made me smile :)

Glad you're back and glad you had fun! Can't wait to hear more about it :)

dad said...

Why is'nt Nathan sending you Muncheeeees?

Lorri said...

Sorry, you can totally get Doritos in the UK. Doritos are owned by Frito-Lay, which is the same as Walkers in the UK basically. You can't get quite as many flavors here, but Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch (called Cool Original) are available pretty much everywhere. Grocery stores, vending machines...
You'll have to get another source for you munchies addiction I'm afraid.