Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Well I'll be

This morning I did a favor for the ear doctor. I took a big pile of his clothes to the dry cleaners. As I was pointing out small smudges and counting up shirts the nice southern lady behind the counter looked up and me and innocently asked a one-worded question:


I looked back at her mute. I have no idea if my husband likes starch in his shirts. I've never asked. I've never wondered. What if I get starch and he hates it? My dad loves starch, so is that normal? After almost a year of being married, how on earth do I not know about my beloved's starch preferences? DO I EVEN KNOW MY HUSBAND?

I replied, "Umm, a little I guess...."

So I hope I didn't mess up.


david santos said...

Hello, Katie!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day

Courtney said...

An excellent point! I'll have to ask Kyle how he likes his shirts right away. Crazy all the little we don't know!