Friday, May 02, 2008


Holy crap!

Over the last 5 years I've burned a lot of random CDs onto my computer. A lot of them were mixed CDs from friends. The result? I have a ton of songs that are mysteriously called "Track 12" with no artist or disc name.

Usually, I avoid listening to these songs. I just can't handle the unknown.

Today I should have listened to that foreboding voice warning me not to go there, but I did. I felt brave. I loaded up all of the unknown songs into a playlist and let em roll.

When the sound of the whiny, breathy voice of Jessica Simps0n started blaring into my ears I literally ripped them out of my ears to protect my poor mind from turning into a addled mess.

How was I to know the kind of fire I was dancing with? Talk about a horrifying experience.


erinannie said...

You've probably already seen this on my blog by now (if you read it very often, i don't know that you do), but if you want some new music to try out, listen to the free mp3 single from my clients. it really is a great song, no matter what your style of music is. (bottom left corner)

k said...

i am just finishing up ripping the last of my cds onto my computer and have a lot of "track 12"s too. i'm dreading having to take the time to figure out what each song is, but i am anal enough about organizing my music that i will.

Kellyry said...

Ugh, I'm in the same boat; haven't wanted to bother figuring them out. I may try your "Untitled" playlist suggestion, daring the fates to play Jessica Simpson.