Friday, May 30, 2008

Small World

So normally people think that the internet is the big anonymous place and there are millions of strangers and stuff like that.

Well, its not quite so big.

While I was in Utah my cousin mentioned that Nicole at A Little Sussy was one of her childhood friends and she lives very close to my consin's in-laws.

How neat is that?!?! I've had Nicole as a daily click for the better part of a year now thinking all the while she was a total stranger. Turns out, we're only one person removed!


nicole hill said...

Ok, so share! Who is your cousin that i know? THank you SO much for reading, by the way. It's a fun project for me.

Katie said...

My cousing Hilary (Smith) is now married to Dennen Frazier.

Cool, huh.