Thursday, May 29, 2008

Manitou Springs

After riding the train we spent some time walking around and exploring an awesome little town called Manitou Springs. The ear doctor's dad wanted a snack and tried to convince me that popcorn was as good as fudge. Dream on!

We found a really interesting mural painted on the side of a building. Yes, my husband is hilarious, in case you were wondering.

Right in the middle of town they have a huge covered area filled with old fashioned arcade games. The ear doctor liked the rides,

While I preferred the awesome mirrors.

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katezmom said...

I tried the salad. It was AWESOME. (Why do I always see you doing the jr. roughrider cheer when I spell that word?) the salad would be great with black beans and avacados as well. Make the dressing up early as it keeps well.
PS did you see the DVD request?