Friday, May 30, 2008

Our trip...finally

Well, I'm finally caught up to the beginning of our trip down to Disneyworld. Phew.

Day 1: Arrival, humidity and Magic Kingdom

After arriving in Orlando we were hit smack in the face with a brick wall of humidity. Coming from Colorado, any amount of water suspended in the air is a bit shocking. We boarded the bus that took us to our resort and we were just a little bit excited.

From the resort we went straight to Magic Kingdom.

Right in front of the castle they were performing a live singing and dancing show and, I'll admit, my little heart melted and I decided that it was indeed the happiest place on earth where all my dreams really could come true.

The whole afternoon was filled with noting the differences between Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, running through empty lines and watching fireworks.

All day the park had seemed nearly vacant. After the fireworks? That's another story. Check out all these people crowded onto main street! Yikes!


chronicler said...

Empty lines at Disneyworld?!!? Wow. I would have never thought that was possible. Since I live an hour away of the Happiest Place on Earth west, I thought lines were part of the ticket. Hmmm. Now I think I just might be geographically Disney challenged. Maybe a visit to the other coast is in order!

Kellyry said...

Same here, Chronicler. As a West-Coaster who hates the lines that one inevitably encounters, I assumed it was par for the course all the world round.

Fun pictures to document your time! I especially like the nighttime people-on-Main-St one. Cool effect.

Greeneyes said...

On a whim, I took a semester-long internship at Disney World when I was in college....oh, the nostalgia! I love how every single detail is staged to give you that magical "happiest place on earth" feeling. I used to get choked up when we went to watch the fireworks displays in Epcot after work. Something about the music +all the little kids in awe = I was so proud to work there! Even though I saw a lot of the behind the scenes stuff, Disney still had the magic touch. (Sometimes I still dream of auditioning to be a character in the Magic Kingdom!)

So glad you had a good time, and props on picking a line-free time of year to visit!

k said...

we always visited disney world in may because my parents swore it was the least crowded time. after easter/spring break and before the schools let out, and it wasn't too too hot yet.