Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The ear doctor and I returned yesterday from our Florida adventure. All I can say is that I've never met someone who I love spending time with more!

I have a bazillion pictures to sift through before I can do justice to the vacation wrap-up, so that will have to wait. Today I want to leave you with this interesting self observation I made while I was down there.

If I am stuck behind someone moving slowly in a teeming, throbbing mass of people I, like any average person, get annoyed. However, if that lethargic person in front of me is wearing something totally ridiculous I'll absolutely loose it. Mullets, rat tails, man capris, black dress socks with sandals, safari vests, aqua socks, platform shoes, and/or fanny packs send me right over the edge.

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ada said...

You have been with me on many occasions. I didn't realize I was driving you insane. Saturday I wore my favorite lounge pants to the church cleaning bonanza, your beautiful mother calls them PJs and informed me that if I ever wear them in public again she will cut them up. Can you comprehend such a catastrophy?