Friday, October 10, 2008


I need your help.

The ear doctor and I have been so so so focused on our budget. I'm so proud of both of us for working so hard at saving and being thrifty. And let me tell you, it's been hard. As a self proclaimed clothes horse (which, BTW, where did that phrase even come from), curbing my desires to go to the mall has been really difficult.

But the proof is in the pudding (another strange idiom).

Neither of us has bought a single article of clothing since May. That's 5 months! I'm a little shocked myself. Since we have been doing so well we decided that this month we'd reward our hard work. We each have $100 to spend on clothes however we want.

So my question to you is this: what would you buy?


CageQueen said...

Since you're in CO I'd splurge on a chic jacket. Ooooh, or maybe some flat-heeled boots. A nice pair of dark denim jeans? A cardigan set? How about some accessories? A schwanky scarf couldn't hurt.

ashlynn said...

jeans - I haven't bought new ones for years & mine are so dated.

good job by the way!

Anth said...

A pair of brown knee-high boots.

Or maybe a cashmere belted sweater.

That's a hard one.

Kylene said...

So many options! I'd go with a fun scarf since you're in CO- I love scarfs. Then maybe some new jeans? Try a different wash or fit? I just bought some Guess jeans at good ole' Ross for $26 and I feel like a new woman! I don't even care how materialistic that sounds either. It's amazing what a new pair of jeans can do for you...and your bunz. ;)

Sugar and Ice said...

I'd probably hit Ann Taylor Loft's sales or maybe Old Navy or Target and get some cheap, simple long sleeved stuff for fall. I might get a few pairs of pants but that's mostly because I just had twins and my pants don't fit!

lovely lindsay said...

hello there!
i'm finally getting around to sending out a treat to thank everyone that bid on my aprons for the nie nie auction. would you email me your mailing address {} so that i can get some happy mail sent your way???
love, lindsay

k said...

i think i'd get one (cheap) trendy fall item, the stock up on some new basics for layering and such.

do you find it hard to actually spend the money after going for so long without spending?? i do!

cady said...

i would go with some pants or cute sweaters. i'm impressed that you guys haven't bought any clothes for 5 months! i wish i had that much willpower. :)

Greeneyes said...

In light of your recent post on the awesome new J. Crew catalog, I'd start combing through their lovelies and get something classic.

Tanya said...

Wow, what discipline! Im a bargain shopper but Im impressed!

Id hit the outlets or Old Navy or Target and try to maximize my dollar. I sometimes have good luck at places like Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls and sometimes get annoyed at the mess.

I think you should be able to get a pair of pants (black, charcoal, or camel), a black pencil skirt, a sweater set, 2 long sleeved tees and a fun sweater--maybe one of those chunky swingy deals? for that budget.

Wheres Emily when you need her? (I know, on her honeymoon!)

eRiCa said...

Trouser jeans...always flattering in a dark wash and a nice trendy cardigan that you can put over any old t shirt or wear with a button up shirt....that's about what $100 would get me but they would be worn and used all the time! quality not quantity friend.

p.s. ummm how in the world can you go 5 whole months without buying clothes?!!