Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Say it aint so

The current economic crisis has finally hit home. The ear doctor and I are young, years away from considering retirement and don't really look at our 401k ever. We don't own a home and we don't play the stocks. To us, this financial crisis has seemed a little like a bad fairy tale. We know that it's happening, but it hasn't been really personal.

Until now.

A week ago we found out that Mother's cookies was shutting their doors for good. You heard me correctly, those wonderful white and pink circus animals will soon be no more. My beloved Taffy cookies are going to way of the dodo. And, apparently, all because of corporate greed and the non-existent credit market.

The ear doctor and I are sick with grief.

Last night he became very pensive. He turned to me with the sadness of a devastated 10 year old in his eyes and said, "Katie, you don't understand. Every time I went over to my grandparents house they would get me a package of Mother's wafer cookies. My grandpa (who has since passed away) would eat them with me and we'd watch a USC football game."

These are hard times for us.


CageQueen said...

I made the mistake of looking at my 401(K) statement and I was sick for hours. OK, I kinda sorta still am. :(

TRS said...


can you study the ingredients and copy the recipe? If anyone can do it... I'd venture you, your sis and your mom, grandma and aunt can figure it out.

Kylene said...

REally?! That is really sad.