Monday, October 06, 2008

Makin it look do-able

Over the weekend I took a trip up to Spokane to see my parents and revert back to childhood. I awoke to the rapid footsteps of my mom walking on the hardwood floor above my room. I asked my dad to make a special grocery-store trip just for me and my recent Hansen's Raspberry soda addiction. I demanded that they order pizza exactly how I liked it and told my little sister she could just pick off the stuff that she didn't like. It was pretty much the exact same as its always been....except it wasn't.

Because little baby Charlotte was there.

Can I just take a minute and say how kick-butt awesome this little kid is? She's rad. Laughs all the time and just jabbers away about everything. When she laughs really hard she covers her mouth with both hands and squeals with delight.

When she realizes that something funny happens she braces herself and slaps her forehead, totally overwhelmed by the hilarity.

And she's already realizing that Aunt Katie should not be trusted with the animal cracker box (I tend to get a little grabby when that circus-covered box makes an appearance).

And while it's really cool to play with her and comfort her when she cries, it's even cooler to see my little sister do it. She's a great mom. Hands down, has it licked. I would catch myself all weekend looking over at the two of them and being floored by her natural competency at it.

And while it still doesn't look easy by any stretch, it's not seeming so impossibly difficult anymore.


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Maggie said...

It's good to hear your positive review. I was worried that seeing me so tired and sick from pregnancy would totally turn you off! Glad to hear I made it look do-able. I love you and miss you already.

litespeed said...


Caleb is starting to try to laugh, but right now it's just kind of a smile with some funny noises.