Thursday, October 16, 2008

He could totally be a lumberjack

I once had a friend. This friend was named Schmarah*.

When Schmarah got married she would dutifully and lovingly pack her husband a lunch. After a few weeks the truth came out that her husband was kind of starving all day, even after he ate his lunch. Turned out that Schmarah was packing the same size lunch that she would enjoy, a sandwich, a baggie of carrots and some rosemary crackers topped with Gruyere. In her mind this is what a lunch consisted of.

She was quite surprised to realize that her new husband considered this a mid-morning snack and was a ravenous beast by 1 pm.

The truth is that men and women just eat different portions...and I'm currently still learning that lesson. For example, just take a look at the meal that the ear doctor planned and prepared Tuesday night:

Compared to what I made last night:

I have to admit that the ear doctor usually really is the better vegetable eater in our house, but still, the plates don't lie. I've married a red-blooded meat eating lumberjack of a man.
And I'm sort of proud of it.

*Real name changed to protect the I wasn't exactly sure of all of the details of the story so I had to...well....embellish the story. But trust me, the gist is right.


Sugar and Ice said...

I might be in the minority here, but I actually eat as much if not more than my husband.

Raven said...

The hubs eats double what I eat for every meal and he snacks through the day and I don't. I think after 3 years I have mostly gotten the hang of his serving size but when I don't give him enough, he finishes mine.

Anth said...

It took me a long time to really understand this aspect of my husband. The first couple years we were married, I would consistently not make enough food. Well it was enough for two me's, but not me and Dh!

Since he is basically double my weight, it makes sense that he would eat a lot more than me.

Maggie said...

We were the same way until I got pregnant with Charlotte. Now our portions are very similar. He eats more than I do, but not by much.