Friday, October 17, 2008

Beat to the punch

Yesterday I glanced out my kitchen window and saw something amazing. The infamous scooter was pulled over to the side (nothing out of the ordinary there) and a car was parked in the same spot. As I looked closer I noticed that this car was not the same old hoopty that usually alternates with my Nemesis's scooter.

It was a new car, a different car, one with a creepy little birdy hanging from the rear view mirror. I noticed that there was a white piece of paper tucked under the car's wiper. Unfortunately I was running late and didn't have time to go down and be the world's nosiest neighbor by reading the note.

However, I came home for lunch to walk Roscoe and, low and behold, this is what I saw:

The foreign, birdy-wielding car was still there! Joy of joys! Now I would have a chance to spy on them and read their note! I cannot begin to describe the feeling of pure joy that entered my soul as I read the words written on that innocent looking white piece of paper.


Turns out that while the ear doctor and I were concocting a perfect, poetic revenge on scooter-girl, someone else took action. I seems that they picked up, moved her scooter and parked in her "reserved" spot!!!!

Oh the sweet taste of victory!

I couldn't help myself. I whipped out my pen and under scooter-girl's 3 emphatic lines wrote, "Thank you for moving that scooter. No one has the right to reserve open spots!!!"

Take that!


CageQueen said...

Scooter Girl drives me crazy and I'm not even her neighbor. One of our neighbors drove his car into one of the premo spots in our complex, knowing his car was dying. It sat there for over a month. My dad said that it'd be bad karma to report it but I couldn't stand it any more. There are a few pregnant women in our comlex and other females who have to walk at night-they should get equal access to the spot. So I finally called mgmt. And whaddya know, they moved the eyesore. Stoopid Scooter!

Janssen said...

That person should be given a public service award. Seriously. You too.

Krillschin said...

Hahaha, this just made my day.

sam said...

That person is so awesome. You should totally become friends with him/her. I have to admit that I was looking forward to hearing what revenge you guys were going to take though!

Lindsay said...

Yay! The good guys won! :)

Sugar and Ice said...

Oh, the drama, lol.

Kelly said...

That's so great. I'm glad you left the car owner a note.

Anth said...

Love it!

I'm glad you added to her snitty note so that the brave (technically law-breaking) person knew they were not alone in their annoyance.

Heather said...

Now I want an update, to see if anything has changed!

Elle said...

I love it!!!! Hallelujah!!

And good for you for writing on the note!!!