Tuesday, May 26, 2009

But most people still don't know what he does

Well, I have to admit, we were pretty excited when we were strolling through the St. Louis airport. Right there between this month's issue of Cosmo and Maxim we found happiness and total validation.

How can such a thing be?

Well right there in the US News and World report we found out that the top, best, most awesome, highest ranked career for 2009 was non other than my dear ear doctor's profession! And not only that, check out what career came in at #5:

Who would have guessed that such soul satisfying sentiments could be generated at an airport news stand?


Bee @ Contently said...

How cool is this! My MrBee is an audiologist too and I am finishing my Masters in Biomedical Sciences. We are looking forward to a golden future! :)

dad said...

It appears that Sales Professional didn't even make the list.

Anonymous said...

People don't know what an Audiologist is?

coryp said...

Gee... you'd think that the best career of 2009 would PAY better!