Monday, May 04, 2009

Steppin out with my baby

Lately the ear doctor and I have really tried to make and effort to plan and do special things for each other. I'll wake up early to take the dog on a walk while he gets a little more shut eye and he'll grab and extra banana or cookie for me as we scoot out the door.

It's small stuff that makes being together so awesome.

Saturday we decided to head downtown to check out free day at the Denver Art Museum. After arriving we realized it had been way too long since we went on an official "date" together. Scrimping and saving every little copper penny for our big house purchase later this year has put a serious cramp in our style.

But, since this trip was to be an official "date," a few things were out of the ordinary. First, every time I turned around, there the ear doctor was: PUTTING OUT THE VIBE

I mean, really, how can I possibly exist such a sultry pose next to over sized livestock? I'm only human...

There were moments of lust

and of desire

(FYI This is a gorgeous pure gold headband that I wanted to rip out of the case and put on my head)

and when we were separated....two very lonesome hearts.

But, in the end there is really only one mandatory requirement for our time together to be considered and official date:

A self-portrait. The ear doctor h-a-t-e-s taking these, but he does it every time because I l-o-v-e them.


Stephanie said...

Awww the self portrait is cute!

Just wait until you have children some day. The hubs and I have probably been on about 2 dates since Amelia was born 4.5 years ago. Oh well it's totally worth it. :-)

allimarie said...

How fun!! I, too, LOVE the self-portrait!

cropstar said...

I imagine you already know this but, seriously... you guys are so cute. So cute.

Anne said...

Ooh, that headband would look so good on my head.

My boyfriend LOVES self portraits. He wants (me) to put together an entire album of self portraits of places we've been together. Fun fun!

Mo said...

How sweet! I love dates to the museum.
I've been to the Denver Art Museum, I loved it! I think the building is really interesting. I went very early when no one was there and literally could have skipped the entire time with no one seeing me.