Friday, May 01, 2009

My man, the NERD

Today the ear doctor is taking the first of two finals for this semester.

He graduated high school in 1997. The next fall he went to college for a year. I'm not really sure how much actually studying was accomplished in this year. I've heard stories...not a whole lot of hardcore academic learning seems to have happened.

The following two years he spent studying harder than he ever had before and teaching the people of Mexico city about our faith. He returned a changed man. An intellectual. A scholar.

He spend 3 more years working to get his undergraduate degree. And, without taking a single break, started his graduate study the next year. At this point he is finishing up year 5 of graduate school. Which means for the past 11 years my man hasn't taken a single break in his pursuit for higher education.

This morning he admitted that after this year he finally feels like he deserves a doctorate degree in both audiology and neuroscience.

I am so proud of him I could just burst.


{Erica} said...

You should be proud of him! It's a huge thing he's accomplished...way to go ear man!

Mo said...

Yay for nerds. =)
I am marrying a nerd too! But it hasn't been determined what kind of doctor he will end up being.