Thursday, March 17, 2005

A great compliment

Last night was my friend Brett's 30th birthday. After we'd all finished dinner, they brought out the pile of gifts for him to open.

He grabbed mine first out of the stack, and said, "Katie, you always give such thoughtful, creative gifts"

Isn't that nice? I was really pleased with that.

BTW-I got him a Simpsons puzzle and some apple juice. Strange? Sure, but to understand the perfection of this gift I have to take you back....

One Friday night about 5 months ago I dropped in late at his house to pick something up. All the lights in the house were off, but there was a triangular sliver of golden light coming from the cracked open spare room. As I got closer I could hear the unmistakable voice of miss Dolly Parton softly crooning. I pushed the door open slightly and saw one of the funniest sights.

Brett was sitting with his back to the door in front folding card table, slowly tapping his right foot. He was putting together a puzzle and languidly sipping a tall tumbler of apple cider.

Such a party animal.

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brittany said...

good job, kate!