Thursday, March 24, 2005

There's no place like home

The light that comes in from the guest bathroom window and falls softly over my clean sparkling kitchen counter.

The landing half way up the stairs has a little ledge that I use as a window seat sometimes when I read or just look out to watch the rain.

My huge beautiful bedroom with vaulted ceilings, overhead fan and strong white double French doors.

The porch outside my front door that allowed me to watch thunder and lightening storms in the summer while I lazily strummed my guitar.

The hanging light with a dimmer switch that is suspended at just the right height over my kitchen table.

The little space just outside my bedroom door that would be perfect for a large indoor plant, that I never got around to buying.

The walk-in closet bigger than any of my rooms in college.

The little community park just across the street, hidden from the outside and only used by the members of my neighborhood.

The gazebo in the middle of my complex that is never used except for the two minutes I pause in it on my walk back from the gym.

The walking distance to the grocery store.

The funny old man who lives next door and spends every evening in the summer listening to the radio on his porch.

The screen door which allows me to let the breeze and sunlight flow in on a warm afternoon without letting any bugs in.

The memories I have of some of my favorite people being there.

All things I'll miss when I move out of my place on Sunday.

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