Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ode to the Ear Doctor

Can I just take a minute to be that silly stupid girl who adores her boyfriend?

Ok, thanks.

He is such an amazing person. This week is his spring break and instead of going off somewhere and doing something fun with his friends he decided to stay in town with me since I can't leave like everyone else. So sweet.

We've been spending every free moment with each other for the last couple of weeks and it is great. He's funny and gets me so well.

When I decided to move there wasn't even a second thought in his mind that he'd help me out. He wanted to help me.

Also, we can talk. I mean really talk. He is interested in what I have to say and what I think. If he has questions about our relationship, he asks them. If he wonders what I think about politics, he asks me. If he wants to go see a movie, he asks what I want to see.

Not only that, but he thinks I'm funny. He thinks my weird traits are cute and endearing.

Sometimes he doesn't like what I do, and he TELLS me that. He doesn't get upset and clam up.

He doesn't always let me have my way. (A very good thing for me)

He thinks of my needs before his own.

He tries to always be a better boyfriend/friend/confidant/man.

He is dedicated to his religion and takes it seriously.

He's just great.


Elle said...

He sounds just wonderful! You deserve the best and he sounds like just that!

Question...what happens if you move away to a grad school?

Katie said...

Well, he is a serious factor in my choice. I have been accepted, and given a very tempting financial to CU Boulder, so staying here is a viable option.

brittany said...

aw, how sweet!

girl from florida said...

He sounds so wonderful and perfect for you! (which you deserve!) It's so important to have a man who believes strongly in his religion and convictions- I think it says a lot about his character and integrity. And the fact that he adores you but will still tell you if he doesn't like something you do? Priceless. Very difficult to do when you love someone.

He def. sounds like a keeper!

*but remember, you are the ultimate keeper, so he is a lucky guy! :)

Anonymous said...

There's nothing silly or stupid about adoring your boyfriend ... especially one that sounds so great!

Sarah Marinara said...

Color me jealous!