Monday, March 07, 2005

Who does that?

My sister drove over to Colorado to see me this weekend. She had everything packed up in her little green civic, picked up Sarah's sister to drive with her and then called me. Her first words were, "ok, we're all packed up, how to we get there?"

Who doesn't plan ahead, get directions, at least have a vague idea of how to get to the end of an 8 hour road trip? Only my sister.

Saturday morning I woke up early and went to the grocery store. While I was at the store Mags woke up and wandered down to the TV and flipped it on. All of the sudden, the doorbell rang. She was instantly freaked out. She was torn because she was pretty sure that no one should be coming to my house that early on a Saturday morning. After a minute or two she worked up the courage to go and peep out my window. No one was there. She opened the door and found that the ear doctor had left us a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. From that point on Maggie's heart had been won.

Whose emotions are easily bought with a white and green striped box full of sugary treats? That'd be my sister.

Saturday afternoon Mags and I were chillin at my house after going to the movies. The ear doctor was on his way over to meet her. This is the first time he'd met anyone from my family. They met and things went just fine. The three of us were sitting on the fouton and Mags looked over and the ear doctor and said, "You have a lot of arm hair."

Who makes a comment like that to someone who might be feeling a little awkward in a potentially intimidating situation? Only my cute little sister.

Sunday my sister could only stay to the first hour of church, so she had to leave in the middle. We were almost out the door when she realized that she hadn't said goodbye to the ear doctor. She turned, ran back into the building and met up with him. There was a momentary pause and then she just threw her arms around his neck. They said goodbye and I walked her out to her car. When we were out of earshot, she said, "was the hug ok?"

Who asks if giving your sister's boyfriend a hug goodbye is ok or not? Only my precious little sister.


Maggie said...

Yes, I'm awesome

Maggie said...

Also, who, when driving home from her trip to CO forgets to tell Heidi that we definitely DO NOT take I-70 all the way to I-15? Indeed we would need to take the Highway 6 exit to go through the canyon. Instead we saw TWO of Utah's national forests (strangely devoid of trees or any vegetation for that matter) and took the scenic route through Selina. Heidi and only figured it out because we stopped at a rest stop to go to the bathroom and I happened to glance at the map of Utah that had the star showing where we were and we were DEFINITELY father than we wanted to be. Man, what an eventful trip!

Anonymous said...

What's even more fun is to plan a trip to visit a relative living at a place you've never been to before and never ask that relative a thing about directions or address, instead looking the address up by some other means, then using online maps (MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, etc.) and online satellite images to plan exactly how to get there. Then call them on your cell 60 seconds before you pull into their drive to let them know you've arrived. It's fun to grin broadly as they ask how in the world you knew where they lived, or how to get there.

(And for the slower comment readers who assume too much, nowhere did I say that you just show up on their doorstep without scheduling your visit with them. I only said that all talk of directions or address were omitted.)

Anonymous said...

Ack! Please amend the previous anonymous post, replacing "were omitted" with "was omitted" in the last sentence.