Monday, March 07, 2005


I can hear my manager clipping his fingernails through my office wall. Gross. Do that kind of thing at home.


howlingman said...

I was at a football game at my old college, way up in the stands, walking up the steep, narrow staircase to find my folks.

En route, I see a guy, ankle up on his opposite knee, shoe and sock OFF, with his foot in one hand, a toenail clipper in the other, and the most horribly self-satisfied/thoughtful expression on his face.


Katie said...


Why don't some people learn our Western socially acceptable code of behavior?

howlingman said...

I suppose that if everyone were sensible and informed, I wouldn't have a pseudonym OR a blog.

I think these twits have an eye out for my self-interest.

For that I thank them, the freaks.

Elle said...

There are SOOOO many people here who do that. It drives my friend *nuts* but for some reason I can tune it out and never hear it.