Friday, March 25, 2005

The miracle of eBay

My friend Derek *** (last name replaced with *** to keep his identity from circling the globe further still) went down to Costa Rica last week and got mugged. It sucked because he had to cancel his credit cards and get a new drivers license. I felt bad for him.

My friend Bryan decided to be funny and "sell his soul" on eBay. This was the email Bryan sent this morning:

So, I had my soul up for auction on eBay (It attracted some pretty high bids). The guy who bought it was from somewhere in South America. I was all ready to pack it up and ship it off to him, and then I noticed that his name was Derek ***. I thought "That's funny. I know Derek ***. Why would he want my soul? He's got a pretty good one already."

So I called the phone number. It didn't sound like you. He had a pretty thick Latin accent. But he had several credit cards that checked out under your name, your drivers license number, your social security number, and he even said he sleeps in bright red moose print pj's. He didn't seem to know anything about Derek Land, so I didn't believe him, and canceled the sale.

What happened down there?

Sounds to me like the guy who mugged my friend in Costa Rica tried to buy my other friend's soul on eBay.

Eureka Watkins! We've solved the mystery!


brittany said...

that is really just too weird. i can't believe he tried to buy something from bryan. what are the chances?

Vincent said...

How odd indeed.
I always find it interesting when the world is made a bit smaller by such impossible interconnections.