Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear NBC Execs,

I have been a fan of your empire for a long time. Over the years offering us such beauties as Seinfeld and Friends has cemented my love for life...or so I thought. More recently, you've won my heart with the back-to-back 30 Rock/Office programming. Solid Gold.

However, I must protest at your recent shenanigans. Here are two words for you.

Bee Movie.

I cannot STAND the way you are publicising this movie. Really, really, really hate it. Between the NBeeC TVjuniors and that dumb HP add with my guy Jerry I can't seem to escape the madness. Now, I love Jerry, so I don't blame him for this tactic. Surely this is exactly the type of thing my four friends would sit around a diner table discussing how inane this marketing is.

Had you advertised this movie the normal way (movie trailers, the OCCASIONAL TV spot), the ear doctor and I would have probably gone to see it. These ads everywhere are so annoying that I'm mounting a boycott of the movie. I will not see it and I will not urge anyone else to see it.

I'm bringing down your empire, NBC! (Wuahahahahaha)

Take THAT.


Far From Perfect said...

thank you... now that you bring it to my attention, your so right on. What's up with this?

cady said...

here here. i am so, so sick of those tv juniors at every.single.commercial.break. it makes me less excited about watching the office. i'm not going to see that movie now either.

Maggie said...

I just hate that they're so lame. If they're anything like the movie, which is the only reason I can think of to keep running them, we wont miss much when we miss the movie.

Courtney said...

this is exactly why I don't watch TV.

chloe elizabeth said...

The good news...I'm so busy that I have to record the shows and watch them later, meaning I don't have to watch the ads.

The bad news...even without watching the ads, I am boycotting the movie because I know that the ads exist (even though my fastforward is very fast) and I agree with you 100%.

Eddie said...

I saw one where Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick were reading a "practice script" of the movie laden with sexual innuendo. All I can say is, it left me puzzled. This is a family movie, is it not?

We decided then and there we wouldn't watch it.