Monday, October 22, 2007

Plan B

I was really, really excited to go to the Zoo. The weather was going to be perfect, the day unmatched, the experience...sublime.

As we drove down Colorado St toward the Zoo we started sensing that something just wasn't right. Car after car after car turned down the side street leading to the Zoo and people were walking from distant neighborhoods toward our lovely Zoo.

Frantically I dailed my new go-to resource (1-800-GOOG-411...thanks Jordan!) and they connected me with the Zoo. We found out that my perfect Zoo day ended up being everyone in the entire city of Denver's perfect FREE Zoo day.

I have never seen the Zoo so packed! People were clawing and pushing to get through the front gates. Strollers morphed from baby-carrying devices to strategic line placement tools. The whole anthill-esque atmosphere turned both me and the ear doctor right off.

The Zoo will have to wait for another day. I was a sad, sad day for me.


cady said...

what a bummer! i'd be so sad.

Olivia said...

That is the WORST! All of that October-less-crowded-strategery for nothing??? Man! I hope that you still got to do something fun and outdoorsy on that beautiful day....