Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today I'm wearing my hair in two french braids down the sides of my head in preparation for the Halloween party I'm attending tonight. I'm wearing it this way at work because it's much easier to braid my hair wet and let it dry that way.

Anyway, it looks ridiculous! However, no one here has mentioned it at all. No one has said a thing about it. I'm sure they all probably either don't even notice (they are engineers after all), or are being polite, but when no one comments on my obviously crazy appearance it makes me wonder if I look crazy every day and they are used to it now.

That's a frightening thought.


k said...

no... they are just oblivious.

several times, numerous places of employment (although mostly always engineers) i've dyed my hair much darker than normal and no one even commented.

The Barkers said...

Sooooo.....what were you?