Monday, October 08, 2007

Save the earth

Well, after a week at jury duty I am excited to be back working at the job I love. To the untrained eye, it may seem like nothing changed at my job while I was away. The same people sit in the same cubicles working on the same program.

However, a closer look reveals a tiny, but very interesting change.

When I moved to the new building in which I work I immediately found my way to the closest coffee pot/communal food area. I don't drink coffee, but I do indulge in a daily cup of powdered hot cocoa. Sometimes this cup is the only thing that helps me push through that 10 am realization that I'm going to be here a L-O-N-G time today. It's a small reward I let myself have for making it into work at all. Sometimes, if I'm feeling very good, I even make the sugar free kind.

The first morning I arrived at the white particle board counter top, I noticed there were no stereotypical white Styrofoam cups anywhere readily available. I thought that was strange. My eyes flitted up to the cabinet above the coffee maker where someone had taped a condemning sign. It read:

Well, I didn't have my own cup. I support saving the environment, but giving up my morning treat was out of the question that morning. Stealthily I opened the cupboard to find a small stack of the offensive Styrofoam cups. Quickly I emptied my Swiss Miss and headed back to my cube to hide my wanton, earth killing ways from my coworkers.

Over the ensuing days I kept forgetting my own cup and with shame scurried to and from the hot water spigot. I didn't want everyone thinking I was a heartless, ozone-depleting, clear-cutting, over consumer (which, it turns out, I am).

This morning I returned from Jury Duty and found the sign had been removed and the white cups proudly displayed on the counter.

Interesting.....very interesting.


Courtney said...

Very interesting, indeed... I try to use my own cup... I'd say I'm successful about 70% of the time. Not great... but not terrible.

Wonder why someone took the sign down.

The Barkers said...

Isn't the new styrofoam that is manufactured 100% biodegradable? I'm pretty sure it is. As far as my shirt goes, technically, we carved pumkins before dinner and then took glowy pumkin pics after. The first pics were taken in my work clothes. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I must admit I'm surprised to hear that you of all people didn't already have your own gorgeous mug (the number of pretty things I've bookmarked from pages you link to is getting fairly ridiculous). It's soooo much more satisfying to have a nice mug of hot chocolate from a pretty mug, rather than some cheap might-as-well-be-from-a-fast-food restaurant styrofoam cup. Please tell me that you have one now!!

Oh, and as for styrofoam being biodegradable, that would be a big "nope". There's one (or maybe 2?) companies that manufacture such a thing, but no one (including Katie's work, I would hazard to guess) is buying it. It's more expensive, not so readily available, etc. Maybe someday though!


Katie said...

Yeah, I really should get myself a pretty mug to use. I really do feel bad when I use the styrofoam, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm not trying to guilt you into doing something! Just mentioning how much more FUN it would make your hot chocolate.

Positive reinforcement! :)


DAD said...