Monday, October 15, 2007

Perfect for me

This ipod shuffle game is so perfect for me because at work I often plug in my ipod and listen for hours on end. It's a great way to get away from the distracting ambient sound around me.

So the game is to list the first 10 songs that are played by your ipod in shuffle mode. I'm a little embarrassed that this might show that my taste in music is kind of strange, dated, and not that "cool," but oh well.

1) Lovefool-The Cardigans. Who doesn't hear this song and instantly jump back to middle school/early high school? Great memories with this song for me.

2) Pale september -Fiona Apple. I love the sadness she is able to express in her music. Just plain pretty to me. Also, she uses really interesting word choice. I admit that sometimes I've had to consult a dictionary to figure out what she's talking about.

3) Wish you were here-Incubus. Incubus is my go to angry music. Listen to the lyrics. I've totally felt this way before.

4) Fast as you can-Fiona Apple. I love the way that she plays with time signature in this song. Very creative and you don't hear that kind of thing in music today. Most things are straight 4/4 time....boring.

5) Joker-Steve Miler Band. Is there a better cruisin song in the summer song? I don't think so.....well maybe Margaritaville.

6) Sunday Morning-Maroon 5. Ok, this is the ONLY Maroon 5 song in my ipod and it has to show up when I'm playing this game?!?!? Dorky. Actually, this song makes me really happy to listen to and it is pretty different from the rest of their overplayed gross music.

7) No shirt, No shoes, No problem-Kenny Chesney. Sometimes when I'm in my office I need a song that makes me feel like I'm at the beach. Plus, the fiddle part in this song is really pretty. Who can resist a steel drum?

8) Let it be-Beatles. Amen. Last weekend we went to see Across the Universe. Whoever was able to string all these songs together into one story is very, very creative and smart.

9) Brothers on a hotel bed-Death Cab for Cutie. The back beat in this song is SO cool. The ear doctor is a drummer and is totally nuts over this drumming. This is a perfect example of something I never would have noticed without him.

10) Jackson-Johnny Cash and June Carter. I'm so glad some Cash made the list because there is a whole lot of it on the ole ipod. Love it. Makes me want to dance around my cubical.

What are yours?


dad said...

Sgt Peppers Lonly Hearts Club Band
Everything Neil Young ever wrote
Bon Jovi
Guns and Roses
Led Zepplin


The Classical Music of Sir Elton John

Rolling Stones
The Doors
must I go on?

katezmom said...

OK, How does Dad play this game? He doesn't have an ipod/MP3 or even know how to use mine!?!

Katie said...

Yeah, I don't think dad reallly understood the "game".

He just listed what would be in his ipod if he ever (1) actaully bought one and (2) figured out how to use it.

katezmom said...


dad said...

You two are cruel