Tuesday, October 09, 2007


One of my favorite bloggers, Leslie at A Room Somewhere found my dream dress today.

If anyone has $140 that they want to spend on a very deserving girl, head on over to Pears and Bears and pick this number up in my size. I would wear it everyday until it disintegrated. It'd be just like my favorite sweatshirt from second grade with the rainbow on the front and shoulder pads that I made my dad wash every night so I could wear it to school everyday one week while my mom was away on a business trip.


Courtney said...

You know how you find yourself planning my wedding sometimes... well, sometimes, when I'm not really paying attention, I find myself window shopping for you. Kyle doesn't even ask anymore, "Which friend Katie?" He just knows that I'm reffering to you when I say "!!! My friend Katie would LOVE that blouse!"


I definitely would have picked this dress out for you!!! It is perfection. Swoon indeed.

Katie said...

Court, you are rad.

When I tell ear doctor about you I say, "my internet friend, Courtney."

That's your title.