Friday, February 22, 2008

8 ways

Yesterday marked the 8th month that the ear doctor and I have been married, so I thought it was only fitting to share 8 ways my life has changed since the big day.

1. Vegetables. I eat WAY more of them now that I'm married. Before I was married I think I'd made myself a salad about 4 times in my life. Now, we have a side salad with dinner every single night.

2. TV. Just take a look at what is sitting in my DVR right now:
Before getting married there is no way on earth that something called "Bigfootville" would have been recorded.

3. Garabage. My garabage can has somehow turned into a never-ending bottomless hole. I mean, I just keep tossing stuff in and the bag magically gets emptied and taken down the the curb for pick-up. It's really amazing.

4. Knowing my weight. Growing up we never had a scale in our house. I guess my mom just never saw the need. The ear doctor had a scale, and brought it to our relationship so now I periodically check myself. I half hate half love this.

5. Propane. I never knew the price of a tank of propane and now I do. Owing to the ear doctor's love of grilling out, we burn through this stuff on a pretty regular basis.

6. Costco. I went there every now and then when I needed to get supplies for a party or develop film. Now we go twice a month (at least). Turns out the ear doctor just likes to wander through the warehouse and get a polish sausage on the way out.

7. Budgeting. Wow, this is really a whole new world for me. Before I tied the knot I had a budget, but it was very inaccurate and easy to break. Now it is regimented, fixed and forward looking.

8. Confidence. Knowing someone loves you and is always there for you inspires a wicked strong personal confidence. It's not like I wasn't a confident person before I was married, but now it's different. Deeper. Richer. Realer (or more real?).


Edge said...

I watched Bigfootville the other night. Frightening to say the least!


Edge said...

Ha ha, my verification letters were

OCDLS like OCD Latterday Saint. How ironic.


Anth said...

Ha ha Funny post.

I am glad you married someone who would take the trash out. *cheeky grin*

Lindsay said...

Hee! Funny list.

I have a bottomless hole for a dish drainer now. I feel like I do a lot of dishes (which I don't mind) but magically NEVER have to put them away (which I hate doing) because there's ALWAYS an empty dish drainer waiting for me. I love that kind of magic! :)

We're severely lacking on the budgeting front, however. Two people with comfortably acceptable salaries somehow has led to us buying whatever we want (luckily we don't want expensive things very often!). We're nowhere remotely close to being in debt or anything, but boy it seems like we should be saving money a lot faster than we are. sigh. Perhaps we'll work on that this year... hmm.

Lindsay said...

Sorry! Longest comment EVER! ;)

Kelly said...

I think Costco is a guy's paradise. I like it and I shopped there before getting married, but I have learned that if I want to get out of there in under 2 hours, I have to go by myself. Jason likes to go up and down every single aisle, just to see if there's anything new. Not to buy anything, you understand, just to see.

Me said...

Congrats on 8 months. It just gets better. :-)

Bree said...

your list is great!

Olivia said...

aw! so great! it's strange to think of all the little twists and turns people bring into our lives... often, the big changes you can sort of predict; the little ones can be so surprising and fun!

The Kelly Fambam said...

Once again, I just love you guys together!