Thursday, February 07, 2008

A perfect blend

Last night at Activity Day we made Valentines cards and frosted heart shaped cookies.

We didn't have a great turn out, so there were quite a few left. I decided to frost them and take them into work so that the ear doctor and I didn't eat them all in one day (as we are wont to do).

I got a little creative and decided to nerd it up a little bit. See....

The ear doctor called them a perfect mix of my talents.

I love being a dork!


k said...

we had a christmas potluck at work a few years ago and a coworker (an engineer) brought in sugar cookes that were gingerbread man shaped that they decorated to look like engineers. some had hardhats and other have sliderulers in their pocket. you should go into business with him to sell "engineering cookies"

The Kelly Fambam said...

You are SO funny, Katie! I love the "U format my cells" one!

Lisanne said...

Those are awesome. hehe :) For Valentine's Day this year, I want to make sugar cookies that say, "Bite Me!" hahahahahaha :)