Monday, February 11, 2008

Why my mom is tricksy

Usually when someone comes to visit me I put together a wonderful schedule of events that we can do. I like to have interesting things to do so I can show off how awesome it is to live near the Mile High city. In preparation for my mom's visit I made a list of really great things to do: visit the botanic garden and learn about Chinese sculpture or download a walking tour of Denver and go for a wonderful outdoor urban adventure.

However, this weekend when my mom came to visit I decided that I'd just show her a nice relaxing time. I wanted her to see what the ear doctor and I do on any given Saturday.

The main event of the weekend? The ear doctor and I took her to our favorite puppy store. We do this every weekend. It is our way of getting our puppy fix without having to scoop any poops. (yuck)

Being a dog lover and away from her beloved Quinnie, I think she really liked it.

While we were there we discovered a new breed that seems ideal for our lifestyle: an adorable Basenji.

I really want a dog, but I'm just not ready to get up and go for sub-zero snowy morning walks. Is it so crazy to wait until we have the beautiful, warm early mornings that I know are coming soon to Colorado? Is it?

As usual, the ear doctor picked up a puppy and gave me the pleading eyes. Nerves steeled against his almost-irresistable good looks, I stuck to my guns.

Thinking I would get support from my ever-practical mother, I turned to her for assistance. Shocked, I realized I was staring directly into the exact same gleam, transported into her eyes. She was pleading with me to bring a puppy home with us! Where did my mother go and who replaced her with this 10 year old, giddy little girl?!? Then she casually said, "I'll throw in $100."

She is a tricky, tricky woman who knows me so well. I have a REALLY hard time passing up a deal. I had to dig deep in my soul and muster up the poop-scooping memories of my youth in order to leave without a furry pal of my own this weekend. But I can feel my resolve weakening.....


Greeneyes said...

Your mom sounds awesome!

Maggie said...

You turned down the offer?! You're nuts!

Anonymous said...

From personal experience, it's much easier to traina puppy when the weather is better!

chronicler said...

hehehee A puppy. Yikes! In the snow bleh. You were strong! Way to go girl. BTW, Basenji's have been around a long time, they are one of my favorites because they don't bark. :-)

Good luck staying strong though.;-)

Courtney said...

How cute would you and the ear doctor be with a PUPPY!!!

dad said...