Monday, February 18, 2008

two great finds!

This weekend the ear doctor and I went to two AWESOME new restaurants to celebrate our belated Valentines Day.

The first was his pick. A great place called nine75. Very hipster, lots of 20 somethings in the bar in the back. All the servers looked like they could be art school students with square heavy framed glasses. The best part? A HUGE bowl of fresh, warm, delicious cotton candy for dessert. As soon as that soft spun goodness hit my lips I reverted into a happy 7 year old girl with pig tails and saltwater sandals. Truly a fun place!

The second was my find: Via, in LoDo. It is the new(ish) sister restuaruant to one of my favorite cherry creek spots, (cucina colore). The crowd at this place was a little less Kerouac, a little more Chianti. The food was spectacular. Just really, really good. My pasta had the freshest tasting tomatoes, which is a real trick for mid february. Again, the dessert stole the show. Peach bread pudding sitting in a lake of the smoothest, creamiest carmel sauce you could ever imagine. It took my breath away and was dubbed my new favorite restaurant in Denver.


Kellyry said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I may just have to work nine75 into my trip to Denver this weekend! Any restaurant that serves cotton candy should, in my opinion, be Michelin rated.

That peach bread pudding at Via sounds delicious too. I may have to go to both...

Olivia said...

mmmmmmm. sounds delicious. I love food talk!