Monday, February 04, 2008

Must get out more

I clearly remember having a conversation with a friend when I was 15 years old. We were just leaving a dance hosted by my church and I looked over and her and said, "The man I'm going to marry will have to be a great dancer."

As my dating life progressed this small quality sank further and further to the bottom of my future-mate top 10 list (BTW did anyone else do this, or was I really weird?)

Then I met the ear doctor. He was funny....check. Thoughtful?....check. Smart? bet.

Best of all....a G-R-E-A-T dancer. Even better, he wasn't just a good freestyler, but he swing dances. While we dated we went dancing almost once a week. Since getting married and moving farther away from the venues, we have been slipping in our attendance.

Friday afternoon I found this great video, and KNEW we MUST go out the next night.

(the move the male dancer does at 1:15 is the ear doctor's favorite and he looks so great doing it!)

We went and it was AMAZING.......just like the ear doctor! But, man are my shoulder blades sore!


TRS said...

That's really great.

My requirement is that my hubby needs to be a decent photographer. My big fear is having all these great pics of my hubby and the kids - but all the pics of me and kids are lousy!!

My BF doesn't appreciate photography the same way I do - but he takes good pictures!

Anonymous said...

I teach in the Young Women's Program for our church and yesterday the lesson was on becoming an eternal companion. The girls had to list qualities they were looking for in an eternal mate. The 2nd thing out of their mouths was "He has to be a good dancer"

This wasn't a priority for me--good thing because I married a jock with zero sense of rhythm.

dad said...

I'm a dancing fool. I have the best right leg bump known to man.