Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Between email accounts

Ear doctor (1:47 pm): Meat Loaf Sandwiches are AWESOME. Thank you for my delectable lunch babe.You're the best.

Me (1:55 pm): I'm glad it was good, Lovah! I miss you and I'm grumpy here at work.

Ear doctor (2:00 pm): That is C-RRRRRRAPPYYYYYY. It's ok 'cause tonight we're making frosting ....

(this morning he asked what we are going to do tonight and I told him "make frosting" for my activty day girls. We're frosting heartshaped cookies for Valentines day)

Me (2:01 pm): That's the truth. All I want to do right now is sit around watching TV or playing Mario. Am I 10 years old?

Ear doctor (2:02 pm): No, not ten years old ... the WOMAN of mis suenos

Me (2:03 pm): Maybe we can add eat popcorn to that list list of things I'd rather be doing. The DC (our code name for diet coke) in the work fridge is calling to me, and I'm having a hard time ignoring it's siren song.

(remember, I'm only drinking diet coke once a week on saturdays)

Ear Doctor (2:06 pm): Be strong against the clarion call of the DC. We can definitely do all of the above on your list, including eat popcorn, tonight. I don't have class today, so I'll be home early!!!!! Maybe then we can get ourMario on ... I'll be player 2 if you want.

You know it's true love when someone offers to be player 2 for Mario Galaxy on Wii.


The Kelly Fambam said...

You two are so cute! And it's true about Player 2 cuz Klint lets me be Player 1 all the time and I know that's not easy for him! ;)

Greeneyes said...

Awesome--DC is your Saturday soda!

Growing up, I only got sugar-laden kid cereals on Saturday, so we still call Frosted Flakes and the like "Saturday cereal". Hard to resist the allure of our chosen poison during the week, but sublime to have a treat waiting for you come the weekend.