Thursday, February 21, 2008

A survey

Anybody seen the new commercial on TV for Flat Earth crisps? The one where an impossibly pretty girl wanders through an impossibly pretty house following a strange noise only to find out that there is a little pot bellied pig in her house. Then, she eats these chips and the pig starts flying through the sky?

Anyway, if you've seen it than you probably thought to yourself, "my, that dress she is wearing would be PERFECT for my internet friend Katie."

Becuase that's what I thought.

Seeing that dress on TV, coupled with the fact that my little sister is currently making herself a dress has got the sewing bug primed to bit me (hopefully not in the hand....that little guy has enough wounds at the moment)

I went to V0gue patterns to see if there was anything I would to make and I saw this little gem.

The first few thoughts that went through my head:

1. Wow, that is seriously heinous fabric for a dress.

2. How can that model be making a seductive face while she's wearing a horribly cheap looking lace inset?

3. 1976 called, they want their collar lapels back.

4. She kind of looks like that actress who played Laney Boggs in She's all that.

5. Gosh, I really hope it isn't that actress. Falling from the lead roll in a major motion picture to posing for Vogue patterns is a long, long descent.

6. When they said, "add some bangles," she REALLY added some bangles.

7. Her hands and arms looks SO awkward....what would Tyra and the J's say about this photo!

8. Hot shoes.

9. Aside from the strange lace, pic nic table fabric and alarming actress career move, do I actually like the pattern of this dress?

10. Yes.....yes, I really do. Made out of the right fabric with slight alterations I think this dress could look fabulous.

What do you think?


Dan's mom said...

The lines on this dress are really quite interesting - even without the gingham & lace. It will take LOTS more marking to sew all those released pleats without the checks but in the right fabric, it will have great movement & be a fresh look. Lapels are one of those design features that you can pretty much adjust at will or remove all together at the fold line - just remember to add a seam allowance. Happy sewing!

Maggie said...

I agree with LeAnn. Collars are easy to change. I'd also add another suggestion that she gave me. Go buy some cheap old sheets at Goodwill or Salvation Army and do a dry run on them with alterations first. I've been doing that with my pattern and it has been really great. You can gets LOTS of fabric for really cheap and you can be daring in changing the fit if you want becuase you only spent $2 on it. All those pleats though seem a bit daunting. Good luck!

chronicler said...

WOw that dolman sleeve. eeek. I don't know but I think you could pull it off.

Oh and I did see the commercial, funny I did think of you! ;-)

Anth said...

I think it has potential.

Far From Perfect said...

the pleats look difficult with large check. i hate the seleves and collar. i'm way older then u... have sewn a butt load of stuff.

dad said...

I would buy a dress and go to a movie.

Bree said...

i agree with all your comments, but still love the silhouette of that dress!

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