Friday, February 08, 2008

Atta girl

One of my favorite writers, Isabel, decided to tell the world of her faith today.

I'm pretty impressed with her. It's kind of intimidating for us Mormons to let it all hang out and tell people of our faith sometimes. Probably every individual in my church has at one point had a pretty poor experience with being mocked, hurt, degraded and laughed at for our faith. A once-bitten-twice-shy attitude can be developed.

Anyway, I'm so happy for her and so totally IMPRESSED by the love she's had in her comments section for this very personal post.

My faith in the genuine niceness of humanity is restored.

(note: if you feel inclined to say something unkind to this post I'm going to delete it, so don't waste your time)


Isabel said...

Oh, thanks for the kind words. I was scared!

Lindsay said...

That WAS a nice post. :)

I think it's interesting how we all (me included) shy away from talk of religion. It seems to me like if we really put any effort into it, we'd find out that people (nice people anyway) are a lot less judgmental than we think they are. They might have questions, or be strangely misinformed, but I tell you, not judgmental.

When I first started hanging out with someone who is now a close friend of mine, I kind of had the impression she was quite religious in some way and she had the impression that I was not. Turns out, we were both nervous to talk about it, and it was MONTHS before she "came out" as Catholic and I "came out" as an atheist, and what do you know, neither of us cared. :)

The truth is always a good thing.