Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is going on here!

I really love to cook. A few years ago the ear doctor got me a gift certificate to a fancy cooking school down in Denver. The class I took was a 2 day, 4 hours each day, intensive cooking basics course. We learned a little something about each cooking skill. It was awesome. My pan-cooked chicken breasts have never been the same since!

One important lesson we learned was knife skills. We learned the proper way to use our beautiful, very sharp 8" chef's knives. As soon as I got home from the class I was meticulous about how I used my knife. I was very aware of keeping my knife clean, dry and in good repair.

As time has passed, I've become lazy. My fingers aren't placed correctly and my nice knife gets tossed in the drawer with all of the other knives. Turns out I was begging to be taught a lesson.

Sunday I made a beautiful braised brisket and as I was trimming the 3" layer of fat off the meat I made a beautiful deep cut into the side of my left pointer finger. Ouch. Last night I was cutting a pear for a scrumptious fruit salad (to accompany our mushroom stuffed burgers and spicy sweet potato fries) and I attempted to hack off my left thumb.

Alright, knife, I get your point. (har har har). From now on you will get my full attention and the highest level of respect.

Because there is nothing more embarrassing that telling dinner guests to wait for dinner while you run to the bathroom to clean dripping blood from your hand.

Don't worry mom, I didn't leave the bandaid packaging on the bathroom counter for you to come and throw away.


k said...

i always cut myself with the knife. i am certain that one day i'll hack of the tip of my finger.

that cooking class sounds really cool!

Anth said...

What kind of knife is it? I need new knives. I slipped up while cutting potatoes this morning. My finger should have been hacked. Instead, nothing. NOTHING. My knives are seriously dull.

Dan's mom said...

A great way to make peace with your knives AND provide safe storage for them is a magnetic strip.. Sometimes Williams-Sonoma has them, sometimes Home depot has them in the tool section. Anyway, the good knives don't have to fraterinize with the other utensils & the edges stay sharp longer. Until then, might I suggest a good anti-bacterial soap?

chronicler said...

I love the magnetic strip! If you are wall space challenged like me, you can always invest in a few blade covers. They're cheap and they keep your knives from fighting with the other utensils in the drawer while you're out!

blade protector

Or you can use a good piece of cardboard (clean) about an inch longer than the blade; cut it twice as long as the blade, and fold it in half. Secure the edge with masking tape or duct tape and slide the knife blade inside! Cheap and easy!

dad said...

At least you didn't cut the end off your finger with a slice and idse gadget.